True story; Captain Jerry helped a client set the state of Mississippi record for an amberjack; with a specimen that weighed one hundred twenty-six plus pounds!  The fight lasted an hour and forty-five minutes.  Biloxi Bluewater Charters is committed to helping you catch a monster fish, too!

Amberjack, also named “reef donkeys” or “strong fish,” tug very hard.  It is loads of fun to hook one!  Amberjack readily strikes lures and live bait at various depths, though chum can occasionally attract them to the surface. They generally remain near the bottom and/or by structures such as shipwrecks, oil rigs, and floor mounds.  While some fishermen do seek amberjack for a challenging fight; they are more often caught while pursuing other fish, like red snapper and grouper.

Amberjack thrive in warmer waters, like the Gulf of Mexico.  They are strange in appearance.   There are many types of amberjack; but, the greater amberjack and yellowtail are a couple of the more common ones, past the Mississippi Sound.  Let’s get started; call Biloxi Bluewater Charters,  and plan your adventure today!

King Mackerel

The king mackerel is also known as “Kingfish” or “kings.”  It is a streamlined shaped fish, with an iridescent, bluish-green back and silvery sides.   King mackerel is popular among diners.  It is coveted in professional, fishing tournaments and challenging to catch.  They become showy, once hooked, as they skyrocket out of the water and into the air!

Biloxi Bluewater Charters often finds them around mounds (lumps), rigs and structures.  To land king mackerel, Captains Jerry and Jay use tried and true techniques; including artificial lures and combinations of live and dead bait.  Their main approach is to travel wide and stay flexible, respecting feeding patterns and current conditions. Conquering a predator fish, such as a king mackerel, makes you feel like a champion!  Whether you choose a day trip or overnight experience, you will have a blast, aboard Biloxi Bluewater Charters!  So, schedule soon.


Cobia is also referred to as “lemonfish” or “brown fish.”  It is a favorite, among anglers, along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and across the Gulf of Mexico!  Cobia fishing is sometimes intimidating, at first, because it is a big fish with a reputation to match.  As Captain Jerry McClure approaches buoys, markers, boats, rigs, etc., he keeps a watchful eye for these demanded but elusive fish.  When cobia are spotted, baits go quickly into action!

Biloxi Bluewater Charters catches cobia with artificial lures and live bait, like eel and croaker. Cobia usually cannot resist, when tempted long enough, and they strike!  The average size of cobia ranges from thirty to sixty pounds, but they do get much larger.  These fish are found beyond the Mississippi Sound for about half of a year; but, remain in the Gulf of Mexico year round.  We are very fortunate that cobia remain here for such a lengthy period!  Begin your quest; call Biloxi Bluewater Charters today!