Sheepshead trips are offered as early as February through April and can be one of the most memorable fishing trips our guests can experience.  Fighting these fish on the necessary light tackle to induce a bite is not just a challenge as they are hard fighters, but a ton of fun for adults and children alike.  When the sheepshead bite is good, it is absolutely nonstop.  It is not unheard of to catch over 60 sheepshead in a day at times. Your arms will tire out landing these 5 to 10lb “convicts” named for their striped coloration.  They are our most consistent species available in the early spring when spawning at our barrier islands, and just happen to be very tasty.  As a matter of fact, the meat is of the same quality as the beloved red snapper and after our guests have a taste of the filets and the action they are always hooked!  They come back year after year to take advantage of this bite that is only available about 8 weeks out of the year.

If you are interested in Sheepshead your best best is to book March and April, because as good as it is, when the bite is over it is over until the next year.  We are taking bookings for 2022 to target these tasty critters currently.

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