Redfish (Red Drum)

The bread and butter of our 4, 6, and 8 hour island trips are Red Drum, commonly called “Redfish”.  In the Mississippi Sound and around our barrier islands offshore, we are blessed to have one of the healthiest and largest populations of redfish in the world.  Our average redfish range in the 20 to 35lb class providing a bullish fight you remember a lifetime.  A staple of our coastal diet here as well as the inspiration of Chef Paul Prudhomme’s world famous blackened redfish from New Orleans, redfish are offered on every local menu being a delicious white flaky fish.  They are delicious baked, broiled, fried, and especially on the half-shell (scales down on the grill!).  

Aboard the Gunslinger, we use all of our knowledge and skills to target these fish bottom fishing wrecks, artificial reefs, and areas these fish roam consistently earlier in the year.  Throughout the summer and into the fall we change tactics and target the mega-schools, literally groups of thousands of these fish, trolling.  Loading every line trolled with 20 plus pound redfish (at times up to 10 lines) is an experience every angler should see at least once to know how truly memorable and exciting targeting these fish trolling can be, and is tactic unique to our fishery here in Mississippi!  Even if you have caught redfish before, let us assure you that you have never caught them like this!

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