Red Snapper

If there was a single species in the Gulf of Mexico anglers are crazy about it has to be the American Red Snapper.  Offering consistent catches of 20-25lbs and occasionally to over 40 lbs these delicious fish are a true challenge to pry off wrecks and reefs they live on.  Snapper fishing is primarily drop down bottom fishing, with a few tactical exceptions on occasion. They are stubborn and powerful opponents when hooked up shocking guests at times with how hard they can pull.  With a healthy and thriving population on the upswing due to healthy management measures, they are a very consistent species providing plenty of action for all ages.  Being that Red Snapper is top notch table fare for all anglers and chefs across the globe, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors with some of the best fresh seafood the Gulf of Mexico has to offer after a fun day catching.  

We offer Snapper trips as a federally permitted vessel allowing us a longer season and the allowance to fish in federal waters as opposed to only state waters for non permitted vessels.  You have the option for trips ranging from 6 hours to 12 hours to target these coveted fish.  However, booking 8 hours or more allows targeting other species as well and allows more range we can travel to get out deeper where there can be less pressure from the crowd of anglers targeting these fish when the season opens.

Snapper season opens June 1 and will be open through August 3 for the 2021 season.  Dates book up quickly as the season approaches so do not hesitate to get your date.  You can’t catch them sitting at the dock!

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