King Mackerel

Being a coveted fish amongst tournament anglers throughout the Gulf of Mexico,  we are fortunate to have these silver sided bombers available to us around our barrier islands and offshore.  Ranging in size from 15 to over 60lbs  these toothy speedsters provide blistering runs you will recall for years to come.  Fish in the 40 plus pound class are referred to as “Smokers” from their ability to run so fast at times they can literally cause the line and tackle to smoke from the friction created!  It is no wonder their is an entire tournament series, the S.K.A. series, dedicated to this species itself.  They are excellent eating rather filleted or steaked out for the grill, but most importantly will provide a memory that will last for ages.

At Biloxi Bluewater Charters we target these fish trolling around our barrier islands and on occasion with live baits bait fishing.  The bite really heats up late summer into the fall for King Mackerel around our islands for our 4, 6, and 8 hour trips.  Offshore they are available year round with our 10, 12 and long range trips where we target them in the same ways, but also have the opportunity to jig for them which is a unique experience to our offshore tactics.  No matter how they are hooked up though, you have never heard a real truly scream until you’ve tied into a true “Smoker”!

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