Jack Crevalle

Pound for pound these are the hardest fighting fish we have around our barrier islands.  Ranging anywhere from 25 to upwards of 45lbs, a fired up Jack Crevalle provides a deep digging challenge of a fight any angler will take pride in accomplishing for a lifetime.  The smaller coastal cousins of Greater Amberjack as well the world renowned fighters Giant Trevally,  Jack Crevalle are built for power and don’t blink when they get on the hook. You had better hold tight to the rod because when hooked up you are in for a ride! 

We catch these fish a number of different ways bait fishing, jigging, and trolling throughout our entire season usually as incidental catches when targeting other species.  However, we do have many repeat guests that come back specifically to target these bruisers, and we will not hesitate to do our best to track them down for your group so you can really feel the burn if you desire!

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