When tangling with this trophy fish, expect a test of endurance!  There are many types of grouper in the Gulf of Mexico.  They can grow vercaptainy large but are not built for fast, extended swimming.  They mostly remain near cover on the Gulf floor; awaiting prey to ambush, which they can suck in from a distance.  Grouper also use their mouths to form shelters in the sand, under big rocks.

Skilled in fishing groupers, we will prepare you well. He really wants to make fishing in deep, blue water count for you.  First, rod tips are pointed downward, then bait hits the bottom; next, you reel a few times, and hold steady.  When hooked, a grouper will likely jolt the tip of the rod several times.  Do not give an inch.  Set the hook, and the fight begins.  Catching a grouper is worth the effort because it is a tasty fish!  Are you ready? We hope you are! Book today, with Biloxi Bluewater Charters, for a phenomenal time!

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