Dolphin Fish

One of the most sought after fish in the Gulf of Mexico is the dolphinfish which is not the same as a bottlenose dolphin.  The dolphinfish is commonly termed “mahi-mahi,” meaning “very strong” in Hawaiian; and “dorado” or “golden one,” in Spanish. Mahi-mahi are known, worldwide, as a wonderful fish to eat; with sweet flavor, similar to that of a swordfish.  They are also a strikingly colorful fish; sporting a rainbow of colors, including shades of white, yellow, green, blue, aqua and purple.  Mahi-mahi grow rapidly but live short life spans, which legally eliminates a quantity limit and makes them an excellent choice for anglers.  Once you hook a mahi-mahi, it is exciting; as the fish often leaps vigorously out of the water!

Biloxi Bluewater Charters always searches for these tasty fish, regardless of the type of offshore fishing trip.  Captain Jerry looks for grass lines and other cover that produce these fish.  Once we spot mahi-mahi, we typically site cast, until the feeding frenzy begins!  Like with tuna, one of the best chances to catch dolphin fish occurs during overnight trips; as we travel many nautical miles of fishing ground.  Mahi-mahi are often found in the deep, blue waters, as we capture live bait and other fish.

Dolphinfish are caught year round, but seem most plentiful during the months of May and June.  On average, mahi-mahi caught off or near the coast of Mississippi, weigh between ten and twenty pounds.  Of note, they are especially fun to catch on lighter tackle.  Also, you can hook them with various baits and methods; including trolling, both live bait and skirted lures, and naked ballyhoo.   Captains Jerry McClure knows best, where to look and how to catch demanded dolphinfish.  Do not delay; contact Biloxi Bluewater Charters, to begin your adventure!

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