Cobia, also known as “Ling” on the east coast and “Lemon fish” locally, is a true sportsman’s fish.  A favorite among anglers along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and across the Gulf of Mexico, cobia are challenging to catch in every step of the process, rather it be locating them, convincing them to eat one of a variety of offered natural and artificial baits, as well as fighting and landing them.  Large cobia have the reputation for being one of the most difficult fish to get in a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, which makes sense as to why  cobia fishing is sometimes intimidating to your average angler.  Don’t buy into it though, because part of fishing with expierienced professionals is leveling the playing field with the challenges a powerful, acrobatic, and evasive fish that can grow to over 100lbs can offer.

The Captain and crew of the Gunslinger always have a watchful eye for any opportunity to give their guests a chance to fight and land a cobia.  Though the best opportunities present themselves through the bulk of the migration around our barrier islands in the spring and then when they come back through in the fall,  cobia are caught throughout the season further offshore around our snapper grounds and south throughout the year.  Every tactical play in the playbook can come out when a cobia is spotted providing you a chance to witness expert level techniques as you feel the excitement of the moment when a fish is spotted, rather it be free swimming, tight to floating structure, or hooked up in the blind bait fishing.

A true challenge, we all relish our chances to get a shot at these fish that are also memorably delicious.  If cobia is what you want, your best chance is to be out there, because there is no X marks the spot with this species.  They are a transient species and can be quite elusive until they surprise you out of the blue!  Then when they show themselves the crew at Biloxi Bluewater Charters will jump to action at a high level to ensure your success!

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