Black Drum

Cousins of our most popular barrier island species, red drum (redfish), large black drum up to 50 lbs are caught around our barrier islands throughout the year.  They are steady and stubborn when on the hook, and make you earn every inch to bring them to the surface to have your chance to get your photo with a dinosaur of a fish.  Good on the plate, when caught these beasts can be harvested and enjoyed.  However,  many guests elect to safely release these large breeders upon landing them to help sustain the population, a practice we encourage as conservation minded professionals, though it is not required.  Small black drum, known locally as “puppy drum” are excellent eating and are very similar in quality to redfish.  They are almost always harvested within the limits.

Black drum are caught incidentally when targeting other species around our barrier islands bottom fishing and trolling and are caught year round.  If you are lucky enough to get one of these on the line it is certainly something you will never forget!

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