Our Boats


We always keep our boat and equipment in excellent, operating condition.  Further, our boat is registered and has both a pelagic and reef permits.  Our primary vessel for daytime excursions, called a “fishing machine,” is versatile to travel many miles and to support numerous types of fishing. Its custom, boat wrap represents Biloxi and the blue water experience. We strive to make your offshore, blue water trip as pleasurable as possible; but, our focus is on catching big fish!  To this end, please know that you are in great hands with Jerry and our United States Coast Guard licensed captains.  They provide vast experience and practice safety first.

Fishing Gear


At Biloxi Bluewater Charters, we know how to find monster fish! We have an extensive, fishing network of information, and use an array of marine electronics; particularly, high quality, global positioning systems, (GPS).  Captains Jerry employs only top of the line fishing gear and tackle; including rods, reels, lures, rigs, leaders and terminals. Here is just a sampling of the preferred products that we choose:

1. Reel: Shimano; Tiagra International Reels
2. Reel: Shimano; Saragosa Spinning Gear
3. Electric Reel: Kristal Electric Reels
4. Electric Reel: Diawa Electric Reels
5. Rods: Pinnacle Fishing Rods
6. Line: Seagur Fluorocarbon
7. Line: Jerry Brown Braid
8. Line: Diamond Mono
9. Line: Power Pro
10. Hooks: Gamakatsu
11. Hooks & Liter: Mustad